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Doctor Mariella and her vet assistant, have kindly donated vaccines  and their time over the years, to help the beach dogs. She has also been a wise  and patient source of advice re treating animals in distress. Here they are pictured with Anna, who has helped animals all over Goa for years with different organisations.

Ganesh and Kapoor, of Yoga Gypsy’s Aswem, (with Rani) have been a great support over the years with feeding programmes.

Kumar kept ten beach dogs fed and under his roof this monsoon, and has been invaluable in helping us catch animals who need medical treatment.

Joseph has kept the dogs on main beach Arambol this season fed in the monsoon, he has also adopted animals, and has been a great aid using his rickshaw to help GDT bring animals in distress to the vets.

Anthony Mendes, is another great friend of animals, he keeps an eye on the beach animals in Girkawadda and helps GDT with feeding programmes, and has adopted rescue puppies into his family.

Rani with Amil has helped feed the beach dogs in Aswem over the years, in the deep monsoon, when only him and they are on the beach.

Prue Barber -, who tirelessly
uses her web skills to help
animals all over the world.

Linus Dean, amazing designer,
a real Pro Bono kinda guy,
who we can thank for making
this website a reality.

Lama devotes her life to helping the animals, she comes to Goa as often as she can and can always be seen with her medicine bag, food bowls and her trusty nail clippers (here she is trying to clip the nails of Puppy Dharma who thinks it’s a great game, and in the background you will see one of the huge tubs that GDT fills with dry dog food mix for monsoon supplies to our cooks).  We work with Lama and try to help her however we can, helping her with food, medicine and transport for the animals and herself.

Astrid, head of many kind vets and workers of International Animal Rescue,  who have helped us help animals in distress and sterilized many animals, helping reduce the stray animal population of Goa.

(Table dog was so named because she found sanctuary on our table, she has since been named “Sally” and doesn’t need to look for sanctuary on tables anymore.

Nigel and Jan quietly and tirelessly help animals in Goa,
here they are driving Table Dog, a lovely stray being bullied by other dogs on the beach, to her new home (Jan is in the back of the van!), that they organised for her.

Mitushi offered Luna a loving furever home when GDT found her on the road next to the dead body of her brother who had been run over, she and her partner  Aasif  have been helping feed the animals on the beach in Aswem in the deep monsoon when everyone is gone, they also kindly hosted the GDT raffle and concert night in their lovely hotel/restaurant, Simply Special Inn, Aswem.

Pradeep kindly looked after a beloved Aswem pack for a few years in the monsoon,now that has been taken over by Dex and Alison Robertson, who live nearby in the season, and monitored by GDT and WAG.