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This is Kai the kite, he was found on the ground , on
his last legs, near the Surf club, Arambol, (apparently
he had been standing there for two days), we didn’t
think he would survive, he looked so lifeless
(and depressed!). We tried to give him food and water and he would take none, he looked like he was dying…we sang to him…. In the morning, he drank some water!! Then he ate fresh fish given with chopsticks, yay!!! (meantime we had researched on the net how to care for a wild kite..
‘forcefeed’ him with fresh fish,

it said, so we did – he seemed to like the food and the attention! * We took him to International Animal Rescue and the vets checked him out and found a small, healing, wound on his wing. They prescribed ‘cage rest’ at the center. After a few days Goa Dog Trust collected him and released him – he flew to his freedom so fast that we only clicked a blurry  picture of the sky to show you… but his other kite friends were waiting, and they flew to greet him, and that is our story of Kai the kite!

* Also in the video you will see other animals we care for, the black one is Uno, the others, who are sleeeeeping peacefully with full bellies, are stray dogs that we have taken care of  for years, Muti, Cleo, Good Dharma, Pavlov and Groovy are looked after in the monsoon by Kumar in Arambol , Then there are Jo and Roxy, who are locally owned dogs, and hang out with the beach dogs and the tourists, just to confuse us as to which animals may need help or not…

Finally, in the video, is Bingo, the crow, whose story was very similar to Kai the kite’s… and he is now also a healed and happy crow and is wecome to steal our food anytime.

This is Muti, long time resident of Aswem beach, she and  her mother befriended Rani in 2002, after monsoon Rani returned to find Muti’s mother dead and Muti dying of starvation…, Rani  vowed not to let it happen again, and
has been looking after her and the other beach dogs  ever since.  Muti  still lives on the beach, but has been monitored by GDT all these years, sterilized by IAR and fed in the monsoon.  She looks after the new rescue puppies and teaches them manners and beach survival skills. Muti
howls for days on the deserted beach when her human friends leave for the monsoon.

Cleo, found on the beach at Aswem with a broken tail, she still lives on the beach and is part of the GDT family, seven years on, healthy, happy and fed, but she does get hysterical when all the tourists leaves and cries for days.

The owners of Freddy didn’t seem to care that he had a broken leg, GDT asked their permission to take him to IAR where they tried to save his leg, it wasn’t possible, so it was amputated, here is Freddy smiling and happy to be home again, he runs around fine on his three legs. GDT keeps an eye on his welfare as we know his owners do not.

This smiling dog is Goldy, she lives outside the Chinese restaurant
on the Pernem road. Three years ago she had a terrible back wound, every day for seen days we tried to catch her… she jammed herself under  the pipe supply at the hardware store, eventually three of us working together managed to catch her, it was very traumatic for her. But now,  she is treated, healthy and so happy and forgiving that she doesn’t just wag her tail when she sees us, she wags her whole body, that is why we can only show you half a picture of her, because she wags so much. She is one of the lucky dogs, and is overweight, the guys at the Chinese restaurant obviously spoil her, and they don’t close for the monsoon, so we know she will be fed.  But, thanks to
our volunteer Joseph,  she was caught again by him in September 2012  with another backwound, and taken to the good care of International Animal Rescue for treatment.

First our volunteer Kumar caught Paka, one of 3 kittens dumped behind the fish market, then the next day he found Fido (who is now foster homed with six puppies, she thinks she is a puppy)

Paka and Bwana are best friends. Bwana is waiting for his skin to heal and then the two of them are going to be adopted by Olivier Belgium.