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GDT is running as a completely non-profit charity, which is funded by donation alone. It is only through these essential donations that we can ensure our continued efforts to stabilize Goa’s animal population and help give these animals dignified lives free of suffering.

Your donation will make a big difference. All money goes directly for food, salary for the cook and dog catchers, gas for cooking, petrol for bringing animals to and from IAR vet and sterilization treatments,  necessary medicines (worm pills, tick and flea drops and preventative vaccinations). You can donate via our website, or at donation boxes, or by email. Example of possible donations and how your money is utilized: 

Sponsor a dog for 360 Rupees (approximately 4.50 pounds) a month (categorized as full care). Sponsorship is for a minimum of 1 year and includes: transport to and from sterilisation, feeding during the monsoon season, vaccinations against rabies, anti-virus vaccinations
(eg: Parvo, Distemper), flea control, food supplements
and general monitoring of the animal. 

This is Groovy, who is a homeless male without a pack,
GDT has monitored his health for three years and kept
him fed in the monsoon.

This is Ishka – a lone female living in Girkawadda, Arambol, she has no pack, is quite a survivor, but we give her yearly vaccinations and worm medicine, and make sure she has some food in the monsoon.

Pavlov, beaten by his owners and in danger of his life, GDT rehomed him, but he kept running away and finally joined one of the beach packs GDT look after all year round.

Pavlov, beaten by his owners and in danger of his life, GDT rehomed him, but he kept running away and finally joined one of the beach packs GDT look after all year round.

This is Samson, one of the Pernem road pack, he survives on food from the local restaurants, but GDT monitor him regularly  and give him and his pack medicine periodically
for worms and skin diseases and their yearly vaccinations. Right now he is being treated by us for skin infection, and healing nicely.  He was in pain for a long time with a broken food from a hit and run accident, and IAR amputated his
leg to help reduce his pain, now he moves around happily
on his three legs.

Rescued puppies need to eat baby formula for the first few weeks, it is one of our higher expenses, with these 5 little guys costing 7000rp in formula to replace their mother’s milk. Then, when their digestive systems are more developed we can feed them with our normal rice, dall and soya chunks.

We need volunteers to do all or any of the following:

1. Put fliers and donation boxes around the planet,
here is a German volunteer helping.

2. Identify animals in need,  this involves asking locals who owns that skinny/wounded/unsterilised dog/cat/cow/bird, and getting owner’s permission for sterilization/treatment, and if it is not an owned animal, then finding the best way to treat it. We helped this dog Linus with nutritious food and medicine for worms and skin disease.

3. Help us find kind friendly potential new owners of orphaned animals that we constantly rescue, to then monitor that the animal is in fact in a loving home and being fed, watered and exercised and in good health, once we know
an animal he or she has joined the Goa Dog Trust family,
so we don’t forget them…….. (and that also involves time, energy and money and definitely a steriilisation!)

4. Baby Uno, brought from Gokarna by tourists when he
was a puppy, then dumped  on the beach, when they left the country. GDT rescued him, and rehomed him with Samson Fernandes, we took him to be sterilized at IAR, (note the notched ear, that is the mark of a sterilized and rabies vaccinated dog by IAR)  and monitor him regularly, giving him his antiworm medicines and his yearly vaccinations)

5. To catch animals that need help. Some wounded animals breathe a sigh of relief that someone is helping them and they stay calm and let  you pick them up. Some may be
cute little puppies,  who need food and cuddles.

(Good Dharma and Good Karma, rescued by GDT at Morjim Beach)……… Moyoyo, abandoned on the beach, Arambol, rescued and loved by GDT and our friends. Or some maybe bleeding or smell like rotten meat from the maggots eating their flesh, (not for the faint hearted!).  Other  animals can panic, we  help you learn the difference.

6. Spread the word: Please invite all your friends to donate, and join us by helping our animal friends in having dignified lives, free of suffering.

7. Activate!! If more people paid attention to the  animals, around them and actually looked at them lovingly like a friend..  many more animals would be spared suffering..
we at GDT don’t have enough eyes.. would you look please? This is what we do -  we scan the animals we meet, all the time… for example: has it got a wound? Is it limping? Is it crying? Why? How can you help?

Do your neighbours keep their dog on a very short chain
with occasional water?  Or in a cage lying in its own faeces?

You could politely help make these animals more comfortable, (take them for a walk, bring them treats, be their friend).  Many dogs we treat are owned by our neighbours, and kept on a short chain, dying of wounds, then their owners finally go to the chemist and put the wrong medicine on too late…. And days later the animal dies in terrible agony.  If each of us paid attention to the animals around them, we wouldn’t need this organization, please help make us redundant.Washing puppy with broken leg

8. Have FUN! (volunteers bringing the doggies
to the Arambol Carnival).

9. Organise fundraising and
awareness events in your
community, shake a donation
box! Make some cakes and
donate the proceeds !

10. Hug a puppy! An invaluable part of the healing process for abandoned youngsters is to feel loved and secure, its good for the human too, you get a dose of dopamine and serotonin!.

1. Hire of full time rickshaw
with driver/animal catcher

This is Joseph who helps when he can, transporting animals to IAR for vet treatment, catching wounded suffering animals, and bringing food to hungry animals in the monsoon.

3. Animal rest home – please help us find, finance, organize a lovely piece of land where we can welcome animals who have no home, no food, no love, where pigs like our friend Snowy,

(who has already given birth to over 120 babies -who are all dead and eaten), or old beach dogs like Blackie (who died of a wound last monsoon),can spend their last days in peace and shelter.

2. .Fruit forest for monkeys – (well it is a wish list)  somewhere on the internet was story of this, a forest of fruit outside the village for the monkeys, their own place …not being harassed by locals who guard their  their fruit trees by stoning the monkeys