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Little Hope, found with her two sisters, Faith and Charity,  dumped on the side of the road, with no mamma. They survived a few days on infant formula, fed every two hours, day and night by our volunteer Rheece,  but .. slowly,
one by one, they all faded away.

Blackie, a well known and loved beach dog of Aswem,
was fed by GDT and others for most of his life, he died
of a wound probably caused by a car.

Alfie, chased away from some of the beach restaurants
until GDT rescued him and took him to IAR for humane euthanasia. He had a deep ear wound and maggots
crawling into his brain, he was beyond saving at the point
we found him, if someone had helped him before he
would be alive now.

Good Karma, found abandoned on Morjim beach next to
the pack GDT was feeding, she died in our arms after
two months of parvo virus.

These are just a few of the beloved animals we have helped, some of them suffering terribly before they died, a lot of their deaths could have been avoided if someone had been there to care for them and or found them before their conditions deteriorated so far that they  beyond help. Despite our sadness, we do take some animals in very bad condition
for euthanasia  to IAR to cut short their terrible suffering.

lLily and Flower, arrived one day on Aswem beach with no mummy, they were in our feeding programme, in 2009, but we had no one to give them the full time care they really needed, they died.

Nying Nyang, she survived alone on Aswem beach for about 5 years, she was a loner and not in a pack, it was hard to locate her and help her in the monsoon. After 5 years, she was killed by a hit and run driver.

Rocky, found with a magotty mangled foot near Surf
club Arambol in May 2012, (run over by a vehicle), we could never find his owners,  apart from needing his leg amputated, he had a lot of difficult and very expensive aliments that needed prolonged treatment, and no one to come forward and care for him or pay for his treatment,  he was sadly
put to sleep.

This little pup was found by GDT,  wasting away, the IAR vets did their best to save his life, but he gently and mercifully died of Parvo virus, two days  after we found him. If he had been vaccinated, he would be alive now.