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Feb 2012
Raffle and concert held at Simply Special Inn Aswem,
150 prizes donate.

March 2012
The Bhaktas made a concert especially for the dog trust at Ash in Arambol . http://soundcloud.com/phanendra-j/the-bhaktas-live-in-goa-2012

Dec 2012
Back by popular demand, the Bhaktas will give another concert for GDT.

October 2012
We have 6 puppies and 1 kitten under our foster care, they have all been offered homes, and we will rehome them once we have completed their vaccinations.

We are very grateful to have Mr. Sanjay helping us this
year, he is now one of our Trustees and is arranging GDT
to receive Indian Charity Status in the next few weeks. He
also loaned Lama a motorbike in the monsoon and it was invaluable for her help with animals.

This year we have been very active in catching animals and taking them to IAR.  We had an arrangement to bring 4-6 stray dogs every week for sterilisation, and to bring them back the next week, with IAR doing the sterilizations for free, and to bring cats once a month. They loaned us a cage, and we received a  donation of a foldup cage and a dog catcher stick, all of these have been invaluable, and now we are experimenting with a net for some very difficult animals!

We also caught a lot of wounded dogs, whose maggot wounds were too deep for the animal to survive, and took them to IAR to be put to sleep (we always stay with them
and hold them in our arms when this happens; and before they go we give them a treat and hugs, maybe their
first ever).

We rescued puppies and kittens who were dumped and left to die, some survived and we found them loving homes, some died, but always in our arms. 

On Christmas day we were called to help 6 little hysterical puppies who had been bitten by red ants. We cleaned them up, gave them some medicine  and held them close to our hearts (heartbeats are the best medicine for small orphans!) until they were calm.

We rescued two birds, Bingo
the crow and Kai the kite, both are free and healthy now and we think we see them bowing their wings to us from time to time.

We tried to organize a ‘rabies camp’ where IAR would come and vaccinate dogs of different villages, but we just didn’t have the manpower and really hope next year we can get enough volunteers to pull this off, (the best way probably
to do this is go from house to house, talking to the owners),  and we will make an explanatory flier in Konkani,
that is a lot of man hours.

We ‘activated’ some people to help and pay attention to
the condition of the animals around them, and encouraged people to take animals to be sterilized and see what the
real situation will be for the dogs or cats when the tourists
go. This is important, the more people involved helping,
the less the animals suffer while we try to stabilise the population of strays so they can have dignified lives.

We held a ‘raffle’ and were offered 150 amazing prizes,
we didn’t raise the fortune we would have liked, because
we just didn’t have enough volunteers and it was amazingly difficult to sell 50rp tickets, however this event showed the generosity of the community and helped bring awareness
to our cause. 

Also there was a beautiful concert given by the Bhaktis in Ash, and all proceeds from the musicians and the space were given to GDT, it was a  gift in every way