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To rid Goa and India of all unnecessary suffering endured by countless beach dogs and cats. Our priority is to sterilize all dogs, so that eventually the "stray dog" situation is eliminated humanely, and not by "culling" as is done in some other parts of the world. In the meantime, we feed these dogs in the monsoon when food is scarce and we give them medicine for worms and skin problems. We collect stray dogs once a week and take them to International Animal Rescue who sterilize them for free, we also are available to help in emergency situations when animals have been wounded, or young animals abandoned.

Rani had been helping the strays of north Goa beaches for eight years, organizing feeding for starving and malnourished beach packs in the monsoon, giving medicine and taking animals for sterilization. After seeing the huge job she was doing alone, 
a group of concerned friends in North Goa quickly founded this organization in May 2009, to help her and the strays and spread awareness of the situation of these vulnerable animals who are trying to survive on the beaches we love.

In the monsoon season, from May to October, when the tourists leave and the shacks are pulled down, the dogs are left on the beach, starving and hungry, and everyone say ‘these are not my dogs’… GDT steps in to help and organizes some food for them so they don’t starve. We must not forget, these dogs have befriended and protected hundreds of tourists and shack owners, and are excellent in controlling the rat population on the beach and deterring potential thieves.

This can involve
 Giving them medicine, vaccinations, treating wounds and skin diseases. 
 Catching them and taking them to International Animal Rescue (IAR) for 
sterilization or medical attention.
 Identifying them properly (full description of animal and location is very important, and tying them up ready  for transport much better!) and asking IAR to come and collect them.
 Trying to catch them! Some animals are so scared of people it can take months or years to catch them, but we always persevere!
 Organizing feeding for them in the monsoon when the tourists and ‘foster parents’ have all gone, and all the beach shacks the animals beg from, are taken down, and everyone denies ownership and disappears, and rarely gives a thought to how these animals will survive.
 Finding homes for orphaned animals (and then monitoring the animal in its new home), and always making sure it gets sterilized and vaccinated against disease; and offering assistance to individuals and organizations near us who are also helping our friends the animals of Goa. 
We had successful monsoon feeding programmes for stray sterilized packs in Aswem and Morjim, which is now under the care of Welfare of Animals Goa (WAG), and we have expanded this programme for Arambol, organizing cheap nutritious food for the strays left on the beach. 
We also have provided big water containers on the beach for the extremely hot Indian summer when animals can die of dehydration
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